We are not just your average IT Support company. We are your dedicated IT department.

We make the most of your existing IT infrastructure and continue to maintain it with new technologies for a smoother work flow and optimum network efficiency.

Our flexible maintenance packages and innovative back up and disaster recovery solutions ensure your critical data and service systems are fully protected.

N-TrustIT is an independent IT support company with a combined 30+ years of experience. We look at all aspects of our clients business and match these needs with proper IT solutions. We offer completely impartial advice in all aspects of the IT industry.

Support when you need it 

N-TrustIT is an IT support company that provides seamless support services for small to medium businesses. Our solutions are tailored to YOUR business structure, so you get the kind of support that suits your needs. We are based in central Scotland with a wide client base, staffed with a team of highly trained IT specialists. 


Great communication is high on our list of priorities to ensure we provide our clients with an effective, accessible and easy to understand IT support service. Less on jargon and more on clear and concise communications.


Whatever kind of business you're in, we're bound to find a solution that fits your requirements. Workable IT solutions as well as clear explanations of what we're doing as we go along to ensure you have a better idea of how it all works and befits your business


Over 75% of businesses do not have the correct IT solutions in place and less than 25% of businesses have proper backup and disaster recovery in place.


 We are your personal IT department

We guarantee

We'll be there when you need us:

  • We'll ensure your IT solutions always meet your needs
  • We'll design solutions to suit you're requirements, and we're never tied to any suppliers
  • We ALWAYS act with honesty and integrity

All Inclusive It Support with N-Trust IT

We're experts at providing perfect fit IT solutions for businesses. 

Our team are friendly, knowledgeable and experts within their field. We can provide you with a highly efficient, hassle free service that keeps your business running, and helps you to feel safe and secure while in our care.

 Effective and reliable IT support & IT consultancy

 This includes network support for servers, printers, PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile communication, e-mail, domains, hosting, networks, hardware and software supply -  and we can source the most cost effective solutions to meet your needs, we're not vendor specific. Whatever you have, we can provide reliable network support - there when you need it.

 It Consultancy  

 What are your objectives? IT Plans from 90 days to 5 years. 

 We can help grow your business with carefully planned and executed IT strategies

We can help you plan strategically for the future.

 IT Business Support

We provide all of the benefits of your own IT department without the hefty price tag of providing your own. We can reduce the impact of IT failures to your business by ensuring you have the correct backup and disaster recovery in place. All aspects of your network are covered by our team of specialists: IT security, data protection, all applications and hardware.

We've got you covered, we've got your back.

Domains & Hosting

We can provide simple solutions such as “domain parking” all the way thought to Cloud based Virtual Servers. If you are looking to enhance your web presence or just setup a business class email solution using your company name we can cater for all of these in a simple jargon free process.

Hardware Supply

We actively search all suppliers to find the best prices for all forms of Hardware from basic computers / tablets / laptops / printers to high end workstations and multi-function copiers to make sure our clients get the best prices available. We are not restricted to one manufacturer so can search for best deal from all manufacturers across all devices.

Software Supply

We give industry wide advice on software solutions to meet clients individual needs. We also have contacts in many specific areas if a bespoke software application is required to meet as specific client need.


Have you two computers linked together or do you want to link two computers or more together? Then you want a Network setup.

From the simplest two computer systems to multiple remote sites with multiple computers  all linked together, N-TrustIT have the knowledge to match a solution to your needs from design to implementation.

From Simple VPN connections for site to site all the way to getting a remote user real time access to important Head Office Systems N-TrustIT can setup the correct solution for your specific needs



Make sure you back up all information held on your devices. Any loss of information doesn't just mean a loss to your business, it could mean prosecution under the Data Protection Act 1998.

We can provide on-site back up, from every 15 mins, to off site back up in real time, with no interruption to your daily routine and no management required within the business.


Don't be caught unaware, let N-TrustIT take care of your sensitive and personal information.

With our reliably efficient backup, every machine in your organisation is safe, regardless of whether it’s a server, a desktop or a simple laptop - whatever you use, we've got it covered.

 Save them locally and remotely.

Give yourself peace of mind with N-TrustIT 

We offer competitive cover and with our comprehensive tailored solutions you can carry on with business as usual, while we take care of your most important assets - your data.

Disaster recovery

Don't let your business end in disaster

N-TrustIT guarantees a swift  rescue  

When your systems crashes, how long does it take to get back up and running.? Time can make all the difference to the day-to-day running of your business. With disaster recovery planning as little as 30 mins, you can be back on top in no time. And we can ensure a fully working system within 4 hours. We also provide off site disaster recovery available in case of fire, theft and flood, so you needn't worry about your business recovering should you experience such an event.

Don't let nature or fate destroy your business

Whatever life throws at your business, if it's an IT problem due to any number of potential disasters, natural or otherwise, we will have a solution and we'll turn any disaster into a triumph.

The information you store on your IT systems is one of your most important asset

Don't leave it to chance, the information you possess is one of the most important assets of your business - without it there is no business. If you lose information - the financial history of your clients, or of your business. Names, addresses and buyer activity over the past 12 months, all of that can clinch a sale or contract and if it's lost - it can be difficult to recover from. 

N-TrustIT can give you peace of mind and rescue your business from disaster and have you up and running in enough time to carry on with business as usual.

Don't let disasters ruin your business, let N-TrustIT provide the solutions

Web Design & SEO

Our web design and SEO services are based on understanding your business, your goals, your requirements and tailoring solutions to fit.

In many cases your website is the first impression a potential customer has of your business and we make sure it looks great on all devices with well written content and relevant call to actions.

We believe clients should have the knowledge and the confidence to manage their own websites so any business changes can be updated on the site. With this in mind we provide training for clients on completion.

Once your website is up and running our SEO service helps you rank above your competition and drives potential customers to your website. monthly meetings mean that you are always kept up to date on what we are doing, the benefits and educating you on the process.

Design & Build

Our affordable "responsive design & build" service ensures your website looks great and ready to impress potential customers on all devices. 

Content Writing

We understand that your primary goal from having a site is to make sales and our writing team can create well written content designed to encourage enquiries whilst being search engine friendly. 



Our experts can help you rank above your competition in the search engine and get found by potential customers looking for the products or services your business offers.